Ode to a Hummingbird

the enso

A hummingbird, mid-flight, with a yellow light on its wings.

"Winged Jewel" by Diana Catron-Nurkowski

the poem

Suspended in midair
like a trapeze artist, your wings
a yellow halo above your green breast, your eyes
are clear, your intent known.

Not unlike the dragonfly or wasp,
your acrobatics deceive us, set up
an illusion we later realize
may actually defy physics, expectations.

Like you, we crave
love and nourishment, the sweet reminders
that someone cares enough to refill
our coffee cups, hold our hands, let go.

All it takes is nectar —
an oasis of tall cylinders with easy access, and you
will grace us with your darting joy, show us
everything we did wrong.

Date: Tuesday, 12. October 2010 19:25
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