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This blog chronicles a weekly enso meditation that is practiced through poetry. These poems manifest when the mind is free and still enough to let the human spirit speak, expressing itself as it is in that moment.

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Each poem is influenced, or sparked, by personal experiences, cultural artifacts, and spaces in nature. These influences are documented via photography. The resultant blog post contains the photograph and the enso poem to illustrate the cause and the effect, the symbiotic relationship between perception and articulation.

Enso is a Zen Buddhist practice of allowing your spirit (also known as the psyche, chi, or higher self) to fully manifest itself through art. In its purest form, enso consists of a type of calligraphy, or painting, that requires the practitioner to draw a circle in a single, conscious stroke. The shape and texture of the stroke indicates that state of your spirit when the circle was drawn.

The enso poems are written in various formats and voices: structured (such as sonnets), free verse, narrative format, rhyming verse, lyric, or prose poetry. As such, each poem has its own style that reflects the initial inspiration.

Date: Saturday, 12. June 2010 1:27
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