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The Day After Labor Day

Tuesday, 16. November 2010 20:45

the enso

A flock of seagulls hang out on a parking lot.

"Seagulls at Sylvan Beach" by marlowe

the poem

In a town defined by seasons, one day
changes everything. Either
popsicles are now served
or black raspberry ice cream is shelved.
Opportunities come and go. You
might have to wait months
before the next grilled hot dog.
But the gulls hang on,
convinced you will return, will leave
a path of crumbs to be consumed
just like any other day.

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Lighthouses on the Shoreline

Tuesday, 21. September 2010 20:00

the enso

A close-up view of the lighthouse at Verona Beach, New York, on the shore of Oneida Lake.

"The Lighthouse at Verona Beach" by marlowe

the poem

There is nothing before
there is one. We are taught
systems, each starting with zero,
ordering our lives in straight lines
that never intersect, parallel possibilities
we learn to design and then build.
We have read the ancient texts,
perhaps even tread the cobbled stones
paved by Roman armies, meandered
between Corinthian columns, or climbed
the Mayan pyramids, hoping each echoing step
brought us closer to our origins, closer
to a divinity we could not define
via mathematics. We push forward
like arrows, like trains whose brakes have failed.
As we outlined our borders, coloring
inside the lines, squares within squares
like nested dolls, taming
ourselves in our wild world, we erected
lighthouses on the shoreline
just in case we needed to know where
the beckoning waves ended.

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