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The Day After Labor Day

Tuesday, 16. November 2010 20:45

the enso

A flock of seagulls hang out on a parking lot.

"Seagulls at Sylvan Beach" by marlowe

the poem

In a town defined by seasons, one day
changes everything. Either
popsicles are now served
or black raspberry ice cream is shelved.
Opportunities come and go. You
might have to wait months
before the next grilled hot dog.
But the gulls hang on,
convinced you will return, will leave
a path of crumbs to be consumed
just like any other day.

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Tuesday, 9. November 2010 22:35

the enso

A picnic table sits at one edge of Sylvan Beach on Lake Oneida

"Isolation at Lake Oneida" by marlowe

the poem

you can stop
eat a snack unpack
your multiple containers
their contents
preserved slightly
below room temperature
and watch
the storm cross
this lake its waves
cresting past the surge wall
the picnic table
slightly off the path
asks you to sit stare
while nature refuses
to relent while others
walk by and turn
their collars up

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