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At Full Peal

Tuesday, 17. July 2012 20:27

the enso

Looking up at the bell tower of a cathedral

"finding God" by marlowe

the poem

Beauty bewitches via math,
inside algorithms: the fractal
that defines a forest, the syncopation
weaving through jazz, the clamor
of cathedral bells at full peal,
precisely ringing pattern from chaos.
It begins in dissonance but soon
resolves as silence
punctuates the resonance
like the slow-motion dip
a pendulum sweeps
as it passes center. Like any other
syntax, it suggests meaning, suggests
a divine order rarely replicated.

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Monday, 16. January 2012 20:00

the enso

A picture of clouds on a winter day.

"Clouds" by marlowe

the poem

The clouds? They have
been everywhere. Listen
to those stories as they
interweave, bend,
and mix. They can
tell you where to go.
Hear them whisper
in wisps, follow
their rumblings before
lightning strikes.
No, this is not mere
fluff, some cushy
puff to soften
your day. This
is the chronicle
of your time, how
the hours churn
and evaporate, like rain,
into the sky, sliding
from one end to the next.
This is the miracle you
have been waiting for.

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