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Polka Mass

Tuesday, 23. August 2011 20:45

the enso

An blurry action photo of polka dancers dancing

"Oompas and Waltzes" by marlowe

the poem

It happens once
a year, like a pint of Guinness
or a slice of key lime
pie, an annual tradition to mark
what we cannot foresee, as time
loops around the clock like dancers
circling this hardwood floor. We are
grateful for the Shiner beer
before Mass begins, the St. Mary’s Choir
chanting in Czech while we fiddle
with our pink camouflage wrist bands,
proof we paid our dues.
The elders wear traditional
costumes with cowboy boots, stealing
gentle yet furtive glances,
a touch, then, perhaps later
a scandalous public kiss. But it’s
the old-time polkas that whoop
up the crowd, the serious
couples kicking in real
soft leather-soled shoes that shuffle.
Even the toddlers are humbled
by the bass drum. We could play
checkers on these white & red table clothes,
each plastic square perfectly aligned:
seamless and predictable and simple.
The controlled chaos continues to churn
while Miss Lavaca County pops her gum
on the sidelines. We watch the fashionistas
swirl by in long tiered skirts, winking
at the K of C officers in full regalia, black capes
pinned back at the shoulder, swords ready.

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St. Valentine

Monday, 14. February 2011 20:45

the enso

A branch of a dwarf orange tree with icicles

"Oranges" by marlowe

the poem

we slide hand
in hand mine
tight with terror
as we glide
ice our guide
across sidewalks
between broken
grass too frozen
to care about
our boots and we
think it’s Feb after
all the icicles
tumbled like glasses
melting in error
glazing oranges
into orbs of divine
bitterness we
collapse in love
because most of
this cannot be
so intricate
like talks
so planned

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