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Monday, 16. January 2012 20:00

the enso

A picture of clouds on a winter day.

"Clouds" by marlowe

the poem

The clouds? They have
been everywhere. Listen
to those stories as they
interweave, bend,
and mix. They can
tell you where to go.
Hear them whisper
in wisps, follow
their rumblings before
lightning strikes.
No, this is not mere
fluff, some cushy
puff to soften
your day. This
is the chronicle
of your time, how
the hours churn
and evaporate, like rain,
into the sky, sliding
from one end to the next.
This is the miracle you
have been waiting for.

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Tuesday, 9. November 2010 22:35

the enso

A picnic table sits at one edge of Sylvan Beach on Lake Oneida

"Isolation at Lake Oneida" by marlowe

the poem

you can stop
eat a snack unpack
your multiple containers
their contents
preserved slightly
below room temperature
and watch
the storm cross
this lake its waves
cresting past the surge wall
the picnic table
slightly off the path
asks you to sit stare
while nature refuses
to relent while others
walk by and turn
their collars up

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