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To paraphrase what a grandmother once told me: if you can’t say anything constructive, then don’t say anything.

No, I don’t expect you to like everything I write. However, I do expect you to “play nice”. You know, those old-fashioned virtues extolled in public service videos or by your kindergarten teacher.

My goal is to foster a positive, safe forum via which you can connect with me and other readers. To ensure this goal is met, I moderate all comments, reviewing each one before accepting it for publication. I reserve the right to remove any comment. While each person is responsible for the content of his or her statements, I will not accept comments that are divisive, hateful, libelous, or slanderous.

Unfortunately, this means your comment will not post immediately. It might take me a few hours — or, in the worse case, a few days — to review my Inbox and approve your comment. (Life happens.)

I hope you find this blog and its community nurturing and inspiring.

- marlowe

Date: Monday, 21. June 2010 21:52
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