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At One: Learning to Walk

Wednesday, 17. August 2011 18:45

the enso

A cupcake with a burning birthday candle

"Birthdays Only Come Once a Year" by marlowe

the poem

You’re not yet used
to this feeling, the uncertainty
and nausea as you see-
saw from one tentative step
to the next, watching your world teeter
with you, not quite convinced
the hardwood floor is solid.

No, you won’t feel
like this again
for another 11 years,
after you take your first boat
ride, and then
again, and additional 6 years
later, when you get so drunk
the dorm room spins
like a nuclear physics sign.

No, for now you
are learning to walk,
noting new lessons
about gravity and faith.

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The Labyrinth of This

Thursday, 27. January 2011 19:45

the enso

A half-finished painting of a guardian angel emerging from darkness.

"Unfinished" by marlowe

the poem

the heart, once cleaved,
can reconnect itself —
no need for all the king’s
horses and all those brave knights
—  no, instead, walk
the labyrinth of this
spiral cascading from your sacral coil
illuminating your footsteps
from darkness into light.

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