Ode to Tinker Bell

the enso

A blue dragonfly landed on a marsh plant on the bank of a pond.

"Dragonfly IV" by Mark Hiebert

the poem

What if we lived our lives like Tinker Bell?
What if we chose to spread our magic fairy dust
with each flick of the wrist, each wishful thought, each blink
of an eye? What if we applied these confetti sprinkles of light
to any moment or encounter, twinkling like stars
whose brilliance shines even when no one looks at the sky?
What if all we left behind were dust balls of love?
What if these flights were unlimited
by space or time? What if we could transform every thing
by simply blessing it, the cascading starbursts of acceptance
opening all boundaries to knowing
our true being?

Date: Thursday, 16. September 2010 17:30
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