Nothing Is (What It Is)

the enso

Five white egrets congregate on a bayou flood plain

"Tropical Snowflakes" by marlowe

the poem

Look at this prairie. Those snowflakes
on the tropical breeze are a fluttering flock
of white egrets, birds whose lives
are re-negotiated with each beat
of their elegant wings. It takes
time to get used to, time to repeal.
The bayou looks stagnant, water
green with algae and turtles,
yet currents move
under it, propelling it
to an existence neither
you nor it can foresee. Before
the fisherman’s line becomes
taunt, there is a sea of possibility,
each destiny waiting
to be chosen. In that moment,
you can transform

Date: Tuesday, 24. August 2010 20:00
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