Compilation #1

the enso

A goose, golden in sunlight, paddles across the waves of a pond.

"Duck, Duck, Goose" by marlowe

the compilation

We are as translucent as glass.
With many ways to bark, one way to bite,
we learn what cleaves us can also mend us: our broken hearts crack
open to reveal light — a golden goddess gliding across these ripples.
The foyer lamp, its panes segmented like a bee’s comb, beckons us with its honey.
Fog settles at our feet — a lasso, a sacred circle.
Behind us, fireflies twinkle like stars in the night sky
and pine trees line the esplanade like a dozen lime lollipops.
Wild grasses become asparagus spears, dwarf trees grow broccoli florets.
You say “love is free if you know how to ask for it”.
I tell you “do not deride what you desire”.
We know a hat can be a bucket or a sieve:
the barking dog — the squeaking screen door — the ticking clock —
the clink of spoons as you stack them in the utensil drawer.
We know the velocity of a potter’s wheel is etched in her pot:
a spiraled path — a mortal coil — a bullseye.
I am definitive like the drum but you
are tuned to a key, the essence of those chords.
I say “waltz with me, and in 1-2-3 steps, we will find our groove together”.
You tell me “a phoenix, rising from her rest, does not give away her feathers”.

Date: Thursday, 29. July 2010 21:15
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